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Our Vision

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Create and collect fully customizable and progressible character NFTs and use them in PvP games, story based AI-battles or custom campaigns to create the ultimate adversary

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Build and manage your Party, House and Alliance to optimize your success, your decisions matter

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Take on different creator roles to build upon what the game has to offer, together we create the ultimate RPG

Features Background
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Chain of Alliance offers a fun and strategic game for all players utilizing blockchain technology for true ownership of in-game assets

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Versatile character building with full ownership

Build, customize and mint your very own playable characters by combining parts, and equipping weapons and armor. All metadata will be stored on-chain to enable full ownership of your in-game assets.

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PvP and PvE

Play with your characters against other players or choose progress in lore-driven PvE campaigns.

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Easy onboarding

Whether you are a Blockchain enthusiast or a traditional gamer, play Chain of Alliance regardless of your experience with blockchain technologies, while still benefiting from its advantages.

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Multichain support

Export your NFTs to an EVM based blockchain of your choice, because we believe that real ownership should not limit you.

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Partners & Team

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The founders of Chain of Alliance, Simon and Dennis, are indie game developers. With a strong blockchain background through their computer science studies, they are avid advocates of blockchain gaming and on-chain game logic.

FAQ Background
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In Chain of Alliance, we emphasize three Game Roles, Adventurers, Landlords, and Creators. Adventurers focus on the core game revolving around characters, battles, and exploring the realms of Chain of Alliance. Characters are created by using fragments (head, torso, arms, legs) with unique attributes. Furthermore, a character’s stats are specified by the species of the character, the class assigned to the character, and the equipment used.

By playing the game, adventurers aim at unlocking and crafting character fragments, equipment, and consumables. They also gain experience points which are used to level up characters, ultimately improving the player’s party. Landlords are landowners that purchased land during land sales. At the launch of the game, Landlords will be able to create Arenas that allow players to participate in PVP Matches for Experience Points and Rewards. Land Management will be an important part of the Landlords’ experience. The better-managed land is, the more interesting a Landlords Arena is for players to use. We want to add more use-cases for land at a later stage of development fully utilizing the On-Chain RPG Multiverse that our game can offer.

The third Game Role is Creators. As a long-term vision for Chain of Alliance, we want to allow players to create their own campaigns and stories within Chain of Alliance. For that, they will be able to use our API, and other players staked and offered Characters and land.

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In-Game Biom River

Chain of Alliance is currently in full production. We are releasing frequent updates to our community in form of testnet builds to gather feedback from our most important stakeholders, our community.

Chain of Alliance closed a 2.4M USD seed investment round led by Animoca Brands and Spartan Group. The round was also joined by investors both from the blockchain and gaming industry, including Overwolf, Coin 98, Dialectic, Kyros Ventures, ICO Drops, Kyber Network, ZBS Capital, Ex Network Capital, and others.

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Screenshot of COA Testnet

Learn how to play Chain of Alliance here. To gain access to our dedicated Discord channels for badge holders, please verify your badge ownership in our ✅-verify-badge-ownership channel

Badge holders are eligible to play the game! We are aiming to stress test this first mobile build, gather feedback, and then open it up to the general public.

In the current market, there is no product with a design approach as Chain of Alliance utilizing players, landowners, and creators within an RPG Multiverse. Thanks to the fact that interoperability is part of the game’s core functionality we will early on look for partnerships and collaborations with other projects bringing real value and use cases to the idea of openness within blockchain games. We are already in discussions with other projects in that regard.

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We have not launched the token yet but will have news about that soon. So stay in touch with us by following our social media channels — Twitter, Discord, Medium.

I. Token Utility

The native token of Chain of Alliance, $COA, offers in-game functionality and is the main currency for the marketplace. Additionally, it is used as a governance token to let holders vote on decisions regarding the Chain of Alliance.

In-game currency

$COA is the main currency of the in-game marketplace where players can trade character fragments, whole characters, blueprints, and resources. The marketplace itself will take a transaction fee of $COA for each transaction.


The currency $COA as well as the characters that are represented as non-fungible tokens can be staked to earn.


By holding $COA, the owner is eligible to vote on decisions that influence the game. $COA holders can create and vote on proposals that affect attributes of character fragments and weapons, as well as the latter’s special abilities. This allows the ones who play the game to identify unfair advantages by certain characters and fix them autonomously without a centralized authority. Besides, $COA holders can also vote for the proposal of marketplace taxes and the character pool.

Game Economy

$COA is used in a multitude of ways and features within Chain of Alliance making it not only the game’s trading currency but also the driving force behind our thriving game economy.

II. Tokenomics

There is a fixed supply of $COA tokens: the total supply is 2,000,000,000 $COA.

20% of the token will be used for private sale. There are two rounds of the sale.

7% of the token will be used for liquidity support after listing.

20% of the token will be used for various ecosystem-building initiatives, incentive programs, and game development.

20% of the token will be used to incentivize those players who earn tokens by participating in competitions and other activities in the game. This design is to encourage user participation in the game and to maintain traction.

15% of the token is allocated to founding and non-founding members for long-term incentives.

3% of the token will be used to onboard valuable advisors to the project.

5% of the token will be used for community and marketing.

10% of the token will be reserved for the foundation.

Do you have more questions that were not answered above? Join us on more upcoming AMAs which will be announced through Twitter and Discord. Stay tuned.

Private Round 1:

12% at 20M valuation

Private Round 2:

8% at 30M valuation